Saturday, December 3, 2016

Daily Readings

Daily Spread and Tarot Altar

The most powerful way to work with your
Mysteries of Mary Deck is to draw a daily
card and to 'spend' the day with it.

This way you really come to understand the nuances of the card,
how it unfolds in your daily life, and which inner voices
resonate with it.

It is very simple but profound if you work with it consistently
in this manner.

The first step is to create a tarot altar and shrine for your daily card.

The more you work with your cards and the more time you spend with them,
the more they absorb your energies and vibrations and you will 
be amazed at the synchronicity of cards that appear.
You will also come to realise that all flows from within and
that whatever you put out, manifests in your world.

The second step is to divide the deck into three parts.

Pick a card from one of the three piles.

This will be the card for the day.

Place it on your shrine and keep it where you can see it
and be reminded of its imagery.

Read its piece in the Mysteries of Mary Companion Book.
It is ideal to keep a tarot journal.
You can write down thoughts and insights that may come to you
during the day and especially in your dreams.  You will find
that these archetypes become living beings in your psyche
and has the power to bring you great insights and allow
for inner transformation.

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