Thursday, October 13, 2016

St Théresè and the Miracle of the Smiling Mary

V or Roses
Mysteries of Mary Deck

“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens’ – St Thèrése, the Little Flower

V of Roses -   St Théresè  d’Lisieux
The Miracle of the Smiling Mary

St  Théresè,  was born in 1873 in France, the youngest child of nine.  Only five children survived and Théresè herself, was a sickly and sensitive child.  She lost her mother at the age of four and her eldest sister took care of her.  When her sister entered the Carmelite order (Théresè was only 9 years old) she felt incredibly abandoned and lost.  

A miniature replica of the statue of The Smiling Mary

She became very ill and the doctors could not ascertain what was wrong with her.  For three weeks she had a raging fever and they feared for her life.  Théresè’s sisters prayed for her and placed a statue of Mary next to her bed.  In her lifestory Story of a Soul, she writes that she saw the statue of the blessed Mary smile at her and she was miraculously cured.  Since then she was devoted to Mary and wrote many poems about her love for Mary.  She wrote that Mary showed her that she is her real mother and she restored her happiness and joy despite the loss of her mother and sister.  Théresè went to live with the nuns at a very young age by special permission and herself became a Carmelite nun and later a Doctor of the Church.  She died in obscurity but her sister collected all her sayings and after her death she distributed these.  The demand for Théresè’s particular spirituality became so big, that her autobiography was published.

In this shrine of St Théresè d’Lisieux is a replica of the statue of the smiling Mary.  Roses fall from Théresè’s hand as she promised that she would shower the world with roses after her death and this prophecy became true as she has many followers and devotees today and a huge basilica was built in her honour in Lisieux where you can immerse yourself in the energy of the Smiling Mary.

This card speaks to you about loss and suffering endured and the redemption that is within your reach.  You may have suffered a loss;  you may be ill at the moment or you may be aware of the pain and suffering in the world.  This card reminds you that Mary is also smiling at you and that she is as close as your next breath.  Despite pain and suffering, when inner realisation happens, it does so seemingly miraculously.  Your inner pain can be so severe and the world seem so dark and yet, when your mind and heart rests on the image of a smiling Mary in the inner world, it is as though the sun rises and the dark night disappears.  The Smiling Mary represents an understanding and illumination that all humans carry within and words cannot explain the inexplicable.  It is truly a Mystery that we can have intense joy and utmost despair side by side within ourselves.  When you feel yourself saying in the darkness of despair too long, merely turn your inner focus to the joy that is available to you and you will experience the miracle of the Smiling Mary.

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