Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Oracle of the Blue Rose of Mary

Reliquary of Mary Magdalene at Magdalene Basilica
in St Maximin de la St Baume, France

Today the Oracle of the Blue Rose of Mary was born.

The Blue Rose of Mary is an ancient symbol from before the
age of Isis.

The Rose represents the Divine Feminine, as is widely known,
but it also represents the heart chakra and most importantly,
the Sacred Divine Marriage.

The stories of the Blue Rose of Mary will follow
the story of the Feminine Christ, starting with the legends of the Great Goddess
as the Blue Rose and Her daughter Blessed Mary, 
the trail of the Holy Grail and the mysteries of Mary Magdalene,
the inner sacred marriage as embodied by Yeshua
and Mary Magdalene;  the Black Madonna of Montserrat
and the secret knowledge and initiations of the Essenes
and several Gnostic communities already introduced in the 
Mysteries of Mary Tarot.

In the same manner that I received the Mysteries of Mary Tarot
Deck, the Oracle of the Blue Rose of Mary has been coming
to me over a number of years.  When I have really luminous
and lucid dreams, I create a Soulcollage card, or a painting,
or at the very least, write the dream and its symbols in my
journals. During my many pilgrimages I connect with
both the physical reality as seen in the symbol and myth of
the sacred sites on our Earth, as well as the luminous stream
of infinite reality which flows behind the physical world.
At these power points of our planet the energy is so concentrated
and many have been drawn there throughout time.
Each age and era just add a layer of their understanding
to the divine energies already present.
And thus our consciousness manifest in front of our very eyes
and our DNA is awakened and we can access the knowledge.

I will be visiting sites on these time lines that I have not visited
previously and these may be intertwined with or combine
The stories of the Oracle will overlap and intertwine with the Mary tarot.
I have no idea how it will work yet, but I have seen glimpses which
show me that some of the oracle cards will be interchangeable with
some of the cards of the tarot deck and that these two decks will
be able to be used together in divination and meditation.

I will keep you updated!

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  2. Hettienne, this left me speechless. When I see my soul, I see blue roses. There's a story that goes with it. I am so curious to see this develop!


  3. Hettienne, this left me speechless. When I see my soul, I see blue
    roses. There's a story that goes with it.