Friday, November 23, 2018

A Christmas past

Angels relate to our capacity to love,
to accept ourselves fully,
and to embrace life.

Reigning above the heavenly host
is the spirit of the Shekinah,
the feminine face of the Divine,
through whom all creation is made manifest.

The heavenly realm interacts with the physical
world, and the two become one, in the incarnation
of the Divine in a human being.

The Higher Principles thus find expression in
flesh and spirit.

In Judaism, the manifestation of the Divine Presence
in human life takes the form of a created being of
light called the Shekhinah.  
Meaning literally the 'indwelling' this is the feminine
aspect of God that brings peace and blessing
to the home.  In biblical times it referred to the glory
emanating from the Source.
Then Shekinah was then seen as a heavenly messenger,
and later as the Holy Ghost.  In the Kabbalah,
she is the mystical Bride of the Lord, who channels
grace to the lower worlds.

Because we contain the Divine Spark within us,
our actions resonate throughout creation. - The
Angelic Year, Ambika Wauters

In this shrine the blessings and healing energies
and powers of the birth of the Christ within the personal
self and and within humanity, the Guardian Angel and
the Queen of Angels all come together in a beautiful

The Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ,
is our link with the eternal feminine principle within us.
She is the embodiment of truth, love, surrender and
miraculous healings and manifestations.

Her litany describes her as
Queen of Angels,
Mother of God,
Mother Inviolate,
Tower of Ivory,
House of Gold
 Mystical Rose
Gate of Heaven

This shrine captures the colours and names
of the Holy Litany
and here Mary is seen as the Queen of Angels
protecting the child within us against
the pitfalls, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,
on the personal journey in this world.

The trees and fir garlands and small berries
are all symbols of the regenerative energy and the power
of renewal and Grace
of the Christmas tide and of the good news that
Love can and will be born within the heart
of humanity.  The traditional Christmas tree
has the shape of the pineal gland, known to be
the seat of consciousness and enlightenment
in the human brain.

In the centre of the shrine is the Stag,
an ancient symbol of the Christ.

The small child is stepping onto the angel
wing stretching out in front of her.
They will carry you lest you should knock
your feet on a stone or rock

The shrine forms part of my special Christmas
Guardian angel series.

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Feel your heart expand and contract with each breath that you take.
Let it soften and ease as you affirm life.
As you do t his, be conscious that you are opening up to your
life force with each breath.
This is how you experience renewal at all levels.
As you feel this happen, ask yourself
where you need to renew your commitment to life,
to be the best that you can be.
Renewal comes when you affirm your desire to
accept life on its terms.

Blessed and Beloved Mother of us all,
you surrendered to the will of God
to bear the fruit of our salvation.
You accepted a higher will than
your own so that all humanity can be raised up.
We open our hearts and minds to
receive your grace, love and courage


- repost from - The French Madonna

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