Friday, January 19, 2018

Recent pilgrimage and new Amulets of Mary Blessing Sets

I spent Christmas with my family in Prague and although I had
my own list of must-visits, Prague surprised with a few
hidden secrets of her own!
I discovered the Casa Loreto in Prague.
Although it is a copy of the shrine in Loreto in Italy,
this entire convent, shrine and grounds were beautiful
with amazing artwork and emanating
powerful Divine Feminine energies.

I will share the story with you in another post with many pictures.
I will also tell you about the incredible holy card exhibition that I also 
stumbled upon in Prague!  
I have returned filled with visions, dreams and new inspiration and
am working on amulet blessing sets based on the Benedicaria
way of living.

Each one of these sets are unique.
They are not simply a collection of mass produced charms
thrown together into a pouch.  Yes, there are mass produced
charms in as well, but there are also unique pieces
such as the hand carved skull, from a nun/s rosary;
tiny Mary statues collected on my many pilgrimages;
holy medals brought back from sacred places and dipped
into holy wells, sacred rivers and miraculous places of healing.

I also cast both in sterling silver and in polymer clay copies
of sacred relics and special statues. 

Each casting sheet is printed onto linen cloth by myself and
sprinkled with holy water and salts from many places
such as Lourdes, St Terese of Lisieux and the grotto of St Michael
in Mont Sant'Angelo.  You can read more about my pilgrimages
here :

The sets include a collection of new and old prayer cards;  each
set contains one very special and old prayer card
and some are copies of cards which are now in
private collections.

All the amulet sets correlate to the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck
and can they can be used together.

They can also be used in healing sessions.  I am working
on a set that can be used with a chakra reading as well as
an astrology and colour reading.

It takes days to create one amulet set and it is the result
of years of collecting relics and water from sacred sites.  Each set is prepared
on my sacred altar of dedication and devotion to the highest principles
of unity and oneness with the focus of restoring the principle of the
feminine to our consciousness and awareness.

I share many pictures and updates on Instagram @thefrenchmadonna.


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