Friday, June 16, 2017

Untier of Knots

I say that we are wound with mercy round and round as if with air; the same is Mary,…..World-mother air, air wild, wound with thee, in thee isled, fold home, fast fold thy child. – Gerard Manly Hopkins
The devotion to Our Lady Untier of Knots, also known as Our Lady Undoer of Knots. 

In this card and shrine Our Lady Untier of Knots is representative of the absolute power of the divine to ‘untie the knots’ of the personal self.  In the Eastern tradition of yoga and especially Kundalini Yoga, the teaching is that knots or ‘granthis’ exist in the subtle energetic meridians of the body.  These subtle meridians carry the ‘prana’ or lifeforce through the minor chakras (energy centres and nerve plexus) and major chakras (nerve plexus in accordance with glands).  These knots restrict the flow of prana or chi or life force and emotional discomfort and disease is the end result.  

Many therapies and healing modalities have been developed to help one to release these ‘knots’.  These therapies often rely on increasing the prana or energy in the body and to bring insight and awareness to the intellectual understanding of the person.  When we accept the teachings of all spiritual traditions, then it is actually a small step of surrender to the Divine Will which is in truth also your will. When you accept that ‘we are wound with mercy round and round as if with air’ in the words of Gerard Manly Hopkins, then it is really true what the mystics say, that the Divine is as close as your next breath.    

This rosary is hanging from an old wooden rosary and underneath is small skull carved from bone from an old rosaryand an old key.  At the top is a small sterling silver heart with an image of Mary set inside.

These rosary pieces are created in the practise of the making of sacred altars and they contain the healing energies of both the image, the meaning of these cards and the spiritual energy that they were created with.  

Here is one of many testimonials : 'I received our Lady of Lourdes, mystical healer stunning wearable shrine today. The moment Hettienne shipped it, I saw a white light with a white flame in its centre. Throughout the shrine's travel I would keep visions of it. I can firmly attest that this is more than a necklace, but carries divine consciousness which is transferred powerfully through the artist's love and devotion. The package arrived fully intact, filled with frankincense and myrrh and tiny shells and pebbles, the precious necklace safely wrapped. Thank you! Arathi Ma.'

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May all beings know peace


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