Monday, August 1, 2016

My journey with creating my own tarot deck

A small portion of the 78 Tarot Cards
Two years ago I started the project of creating my own tarot deck.  I had the vision of each card being a handcrafted shrine. But I did not want to just emulate the traditional tarot decks based
on the teaching of the Order of the Golden Dawn or Rider-Waite. I wanted to share and highlight my own understanding based on my own experiences.  I saw that this could be a vehicle
for sharing my own teachings and mystical insight into the hidden secrets in religion and the new age.

I took time out from offering classes and retreats through my wisdom school, The Temple of Mary
and I closed my Etsy shop. I packed away my paints and canvases and focused solely on creating this deck.

Ace of Vessels
The New Human

Each shrine consists of a small wooden shrine which contains the miniature diorama of the part of the story that I am depicting. The Tarot deck has 78 cards :
22 Major Arcana cards which are the main archetypal cards followed by the Minor Arcana which are separated into the four suits.

Well, all 78 shrines have been completed!
And my studio have been taken over by them.  All my books and display areas
have been taken over by the shrines.  

This is but a small portion of the shrines and only one wall -
they cover three walls

My vision is to publish the deck with a small accompanying book.
And then to rewrite this book over time into a more expanded version.
So now the next part of this mammoth task is starting.
It is not that simple to have a tarot deck published in
South Africa.  I have found online international companies but
then the shipping is exorbitant.  There are some wonderful websites out
there and many others have gone this route before me.
A very helpful and informative website is that of 
Arnell  Ando at
Through her website I visited the Tarot emporium of Osvaldo Menegazzi
in Milan and Italy and what an inspiration that was!!

This image is from Arnell's website showing some of his handmade
boxes and deck of cards.

So this is the route that I am taking.  I am investing in a top of the range
printer that uses archival ink - that means that they do not fade or run.
And I will print each deck and myself and also create a handmade 
box for each deck!

And I am working on some unique jewellery pieces based on
the cards in the deck.  I have started with Card XVIII Stella Maris,
traditionally The Star.

Higher Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Each pendant will be accompanied by a Tarot Card and its meaning
and interpretation, packaged in a special tin or presentation box.

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