Feedback and reviews of The Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Dear Hettienne, I adore the deck, the book, the bags, the extras, packaging, etc. So happy I went forward and got your deck. I was a little nervous as that was the most I have paid for a deck. but i have to say it is well worth it. I adore drinking from the wisdom you got from all the pilgrimages you made throughout the world, I am blown away by the beauty of the art. and the wisdom contained in the book. Blown away at what you have created. Thank you very much.  -  I do not consider it too expensive, now that I have it in my possession. It is worth it. I am very much looking forward to your next deck. so please let me know when it is available. I am in awe of how much wisdom is in the companion book. Thank you deeply.

Received the cards and book today. All I can say is they are amazingly loving and intensely spiritual in person. The book and it's message is something I've been looking for for a long time. A long time ago I belonged to a woman's group that explored many aspects of spirituality but the G-desses and Mary were never really explored. Many blessings and thanks for all the hard work you've done. I'm so glad I made that snap decision to buy your divinely inspired message. 


It’s here and it’s amazing!!! Thank you so much. I love all of the little thoughtful details in the packaging. The hand made bag is perfect and I can’t wait to actually work with the cards. Thanks again!


This deck was so painstakingly done. The artist did shrines for each card and then photographed each one. It goes way beyond what you may think you know about Mary. This is a deck about the Divine Feminine. I saved up money for this deck and it was so worth. I am so thankful to have it. There is an amazing book that goes along with it. So worth the money. Truly one of a kind! The artistry alone (the shrines she made) is worth more than what the deck sells for!!!

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A stunningly beautiful set of tarot cards. I'm reading the book teaching about the cards now. It is full of depth and wisdom. I appreciate the nicely crafted pouches and extra pictures of blessed Mary you enclosed. I am VERY pleased and know my life will be permanently enhanced by this fortunate purchase. Excellent and reliable seller.

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Dear Hettienne,
I just recieved your beautiful parcel in the post today - and I waited till i finished work to be able to open it. I have just done that, and am so so moved by the beauty of your creations. Thank you so much for the grace-full way you packaged everything up, it really bought tears to my eyes. The cards are so magic, and i am going to enjoy coming to know them and learning their messages. I pulled my first card and it was "Holy Wisdom" - which seems very appropriate for the wisdom and mysteries you clearly have encapsulated in your art, writing and vision. Thank you so much for this wonderful treasure. 
Much love and light

Great care was taken to ensure this package got to me on time and perfectly intact. It was a bit like Christmas in July. Each part of my order was individually wrapped and there were some unexpected pleasant surprises! The actual wearable shrine and tarot deck are something I will need longer to "unpack" as far as their meaning and reason why these items were obtainable at this time in my life. I can only say they feel utterly special. Thank you so much for the work you do. 

My package arrived in the mail yesterday. Everything is undeniably lovely. Absolutely magickal. The cards and the rosary, and your text - so wonderful. Thank you so much for your art and beautiful writings to our Mother. 
It appears Etsy has not caught up with the package tracking. But I will leave a detailed review the moment it does. 
All the best from across the seas to you! 

Thank you for the reading, it made a lot of sense and was very accurate and helpful. - Messages
from Mary reading

Adrienne Lea from Earthfaeryherbtarot

adrienne lea
adrienne lea on Jun 20, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
I love the mysteries of mary deck. The shipping was very fast, and the presentation along with everything that came with the deck is so special. The deck is beautiful and unique. I was wondering how i was going to connect with it. It was immediate, natural, and felt right. I really like how the structure flows in its own way. Its intuitive, allows your mind to wander and think about/ expands possibilities. The images can also indicate traditional card meanings. I really do love this deck. I appreciate the time, effort, and patience that it took to create this masterpiece. The two words that as im thinking about are sweetness and loyalty, respectively; this deck and everything that accompanied it wants to be there for you. Theres a selflessness to it. Its definitely in my top ten


They are beautiful and electrically charged! I wasn't sure why I felt moved to order a set since I do not have a strong positive relationship with Mary, church, and the way she is typically portrayed in church. Hettienne's book gives so much depth and understanding to divine feminine figures and archetypes, it is now clear why it was time to order these and the beautiful Pallas Athena charm she made for me!


This is one of the most beautiful tarot decks I have ever seen! I'm so impressed by all the thought and care put into it. The energy of Mother Mary really comes through; everything about it just radiates beauty and grace. Mary is very important to me and I'm so happy to have this beautiful tarot deck with which to connect with her. I love all the little touches that went into the packaging too! - Debarra


I have purchased many wonderful items from Hettienne and this piece is one of them. Everything she creates is made with much love. She is not only a true artist but also a bright light on Etsy.....she's a very special lady. - Bonnie


Dearest Hettienne,

Last week I received a notice that a package was waiting for me at the post office, but I've been so busy that it was only yesterday that I had time to drive into town to pick it up.  It was the Goddess treasure box you so lovingly prepared! 

From the very first moments, even before opening the lovely bag with the cards themselves, I could feel the love and care embodied in every item, just like the golden threads that were part of the wrapping. And the cards!! Oh, Hettienne.  I have no words for the profound experience simply of looking at each one and feeling Her vibrations suffusing my heart, my womb, every atom of my being.  My little 3-year old granddaughter felt it as well. 

Since the moment I opened them, I have felt Her presence, within me and around me.  I cannot begin to express what this means to me, and how grateful I am to you for bringing Her into our lives in this beautiful and amazing way. 

With much love,



Mapping the Power of You

The mysteries of Mary tarot deck is pure union between spirit and soul. The energy contained in the sacred images and their direct line to the wisdom that lies within gives new depth and textures to the "religion of my soul" and my personal inner path as it unfolds. The insights it contains makes living the mysteries of this life rich - the energy they radiate is palpable, giving a direct experience for strengthening and  cultivating faith and seeing beyond the veils to what is ...and it is pure devotion personified. Thank you for this work of art and the Mother's love xxx
Taryn Harris (Chandi Devi)

Amazing, beautiful and mind boggling accurate. The deck is exquisite. The wisdom and journey in the book is heaven sent for those who listen. Thank you Hettienne for creating this gift.

Hettienne, I love your Mary Tarot package!  It was like unwrapping a sacred gift and each and every card pure delight!  Thanks so much for this work.

Hi Hetienne,
My beautiful deck arrived today. I'll leave a rating once I can (Etsy says I can on the 21st).
I just wanted to let you know that your words and images move me to tears of a remembrance long forgotten. I'm very grateful that I "found" your images and stories of Our Lady. 
With profound love and respect

Dear Hettienne,
You breathtakingly beautiful & heartfelt deck set has at last arrived! I’m blown away by how much care & attention to detail you’ve put into this meaningful project. I’d like to help spread the word somehow after I’ve had a chance to Live with it for a bit & read from your book your true intentions & visions. Thank you ever so much for your generous heart & sharing this magical offering. It is deeply appreciated Hettienne. ❤

Dear Hettienne
The cards arrived today. Thank you so much. The cards and book are wonderful and they resonate deeply to me. I am thrilled with them, I knew I would be. The Marian energy is so strong in all the things that you create.
The gorgeous box and bag are so lovely, I am going to treasure them.

Hello! Received the package today!! What a Beautiful deck and package! The book is very informative and beautiful. I feel closer to Her because of you.

Good Morning, my dear Hettienne! I received my wonderful package. My daughter-in-law and myself were delighted as we unwrapped each intricate piece to get to the beloved card deck. You totally rocked my world with this lovely presentation. The book is simply divine. And even a rosary - I love saying rosary. Your divine creation has a permanent home in my heart. Thank you and I am sending you many blessings with love.