Monday, October 15, 2018

Daily Practice towards Self-Mastery

St Bernadette, Handmaiden of the Holy Rood

I created the Mysteries of Mary Tarot deck and wrote the handbook as practical
and alchemical tool for spiritual growth and illumination.

The ultimate goal on the path of enlightenment is

The premise is that we are beings with a dual nature flowing from the true
authentic self.  As a seeker I spent many years exploring and studying and
applying a myriad of teachings.  Community has always been important to me
and together with friends, students and other seekers I created various platforms
where we could explore and experience ourselves in the context of life as a metaphor
for the greatest story ever told :  the story of Love.

The Beloved by Hettienne Grobler

All my projects and creations that I share with the world and with those
who are seeking, are created to assist you and guide you to self-mastery.
In order to master the universe we need to become aware and
stay aware of ourselves.  This means that we need to look deeply into those
dark unlit shadows and meet the monsters face to face.

The most powerful way to work with the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck
is to draw a daily card.  After your morning meditation sit with the realisations
and thoughts and ask a question.

Draw a card from the deck and sit with its image for a few minutes
Then open the book and read the pages about the card in the handbook.
It is a powerful practise to read these words in a meditative way.
If any of the words jump out at you or they bring forth a certain image or feeling
or sensation, then write it down.
Keep a daily journal of the card that you draw as well as the spoken or unspoken
question that you held in your mind when you drew the card.
Make a note of your initial interpretation and understanding of the card's meaning
as well as how it answers your question.
Then at the end of the day, return to the card and the journal and contemplate
on how the meaning of the card actually unfolded and what was revealed to you.

You will notice a deepening of your intuition, a greater sense of insight into yourself
and your tendencies, gifts and challenges and a greater sense of peace and joy.

Mary-Sophia, High Priestess of Mysteries of Mary tarot deck

To complement the card deck I have also developed a Healing Oracle Amulet set.
These amulet sets work in conjunction with the tarot deck and their
primary purpose is to illuminate yourself to you and to cast light on your path.

These amulet sets are ever-expanding as I add new archetypes, icons and understanding
to them from my most recent pilgrimage. 

I will be offering in-person workshops in both the tarot deck and the amulet sets from 2019 .

Blessing Amulets of Mary

Blessings and peace on your journey


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