Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sutras of the Mother

Before the Word, the Cosmic Mother rests in all her Glory
In eternal stillness in the black void.
Then Love stirs within and the desire arose in Her One Heart
And Her One Mind.

And the Heavenly Virgin conceives from within Herself.
She, who is the Immaculate Conception.
Through the song of Her Heart, she became the sacred womb
Filled with heavenly milky waters,
Swirling to create the marias, the seas and the oceans
As She descended as the Virgin of the Sea.
The oceans churned and churned and the milk and water
Became frothy and mixed with the
Red drops of the Heavenly Queen’s Desire
And She arises from the waters

And Her Love incarnated as the most beautiful woman,
Earth, Hertha, Gaia, Durga and Isis.
From Her hair grew the running rivers of life, the Nile
And Gangaji, Shakty and Saraswati
And amongst the mountains of her breasts, rooted in the
Heavens, grew the Tree of Life.
The Heart of the Mother of All, the great Isis-Maria-Sophia
Desired once more.
She desired light so that she could see the face of Her Beloved,
The incarnation of Love
She desired to see the reflection of Herself
She desired a celestial mirror

At dawn, the brilliant rays of the Sun God, Ra, the Father
Of the Heavens, was born from Her, the Black One, the
Mother of All.
As the day grew in stature, the Sun climbed the heavens and
Crowned Her in all Her glory
And sky sang to the Queen of Heaven.
The Sun became weary and descended into the blackness of
The night.
In the distant sky two horns of the sacred cow appeared
And grew into the silver disk of Ma, the Moon



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