Sunday, April 30, 2017

Let's learn the Tarot

The Star from Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Let's learn the tarot step-by-step.

I am starting with the Minor Arcana and will end with the Majors.
The lesser cards or pips (Minor Arcana) is often more confusing
and open to personal interpretation, than the more well-known
Major Arcana cards.

These are short summaries of keywords that will help you
to read your deck with deeper interpretation.

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I also share the card from the Mysteries of Mary deck alongside
other more well-known decks which will also help you
to place it into context, both in tarot and the mysteries of Mary.

The Mysteries of Mary tarot is created specially for those who
desire spiritual growth and who are attracted to the esoteric
Judaeo-Christian mysteries but who are devoted to the
Sacred Feminine, the Goddess and the Great Mother.

So let's start with the Aces.

The four Aces from the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck

The Aces are the first cards of the four suits.
The four suits are :
Vessels (Cups)
Holyrood (Wands)
Distaff (Swords)
Roses (Pentacles)

Aces are governed by the planet Mercury.
Kether on the Tree of Life

Their keywords are :
beginning, initiation, thrust, ideas, action, positivity, birth, opening, gift,
intention, will, mindfulness, awareness, attention, threshold,
focus, opportunity, new, starting point

The Ace of Vessels
Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

The first Ace of the deck is the Ace of Vessels.
In the suit of Vessels we encounter Mary as the element
of water and consciousness.  She is the Living Waters of our being.

The keywords for the Ace of Vessels are :

accepting love and joy into our lives and being;
becoming a channel for and opening up to the flow of
consciousness into our heart;
opening of the heart.

Affirmation : I am open to receive and express love and joy.

Questions to ask : 
 What are your dreams telling you? 
 What are you yearning for in your life at this stage? 
 What do you wish for?

Read the description of the card and its context
in the Mary tradition and apply these keywords, questions
and affirmation.  
It is also important to spend some time in contemplation
or maybe to journal in your tarot journal or do some
doodling or a Soulcollage card to really flesh out the
meaning of the card for you personally.


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