Sunday, April 30, 2017

Let's learn the Tarot

The Star from Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Let's learn the tarot step-by-step.

I am starting with the Minor Arcana and will end with the Majors.
The lesser cards or pips (Minor Arcana) is often more confusing
and open to personal interpretation, than the more well-known
Major Arcana cards.

These are short summaries of keywords that will help you
to read your deck with deeper interpretation.

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I also share the card from the Mysteries of Mary deck alongside
other more well-known decks which will also help you
to place it into context, both in tarot and the mysteries of Mary.

The Mysteries of Mary tarot is created specially for those who
desire spiritual growth and who are attracted to the esoteric
Judaeo-Christian mysteries but who are devoted to the
Sacred Feminine, the Goddess and the Great Mother.

So let's start with the Aces.

The four Aces from the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck

The Aces are the first cards of the four suits.
The four suits are :
Vessels (Cups)
Holyrood (Wands)
Distaff (Swords)
Roses (Pentacles)

Aces are governed by the planet Mercury.
Kether on the Tree of Life

Their keywords are :
beginning, initiation, thrust, ideas, action, positivity, birth, opening, gift,
intention, will, mindfulness, awareness, attention, threshold,
focus, opportunity, new, starting point

The Ace of Vessels
Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

The first Ace of the deck is the Ace of Vessels.
In the suit of Vessels we encounter Mary as the element
of water and consciousness.  She is the Living Waters of our being.

The keywords for the Ace of Vessels are :

accepting love and joy into our lives and being;
becoming a channel for and opening up to the flow of
consciousness into our heart;
opening of the heart.

Affirmation : I am open to receive and express love and joy.

Questions to ask : 
 What are your dreams telling you? 
 What are you yearning for in your life at this stage? 
 What do you wish for?

Read the description of the card and its context
in the Mary tradition and apply these keywords, questions
and affirmation.  
It is also important to spend some time in contemplation
or maybe to journal in your tarot journal or do some
doodling or a Soulcollage card to really flesh out the
meaning of the card for you personally.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Your tarot year card

Working with the tarot chart
Mysteries of Mary Tarot

Working with the tarot is a long inward journey.  It takes
effort, commitment and discipline, but it can reveal subtleties that
you would not usually be able to access without great effort.

The tarot deck can be seen as a map, similar to your astrological chart.
Each major arcana is an 'ark' or 'vessel' or 'archetype' for great
transformation, rebirth and enlightenment, in the same way that
Mary is the ark of the Christos.  Each ark or archetype
is simultaneously the keeper of the hidden knowledge of the
True Self, as well as an aspect of the True Self.
As you uncover the role of these archetypes in your life,
in your personality and your soul (core), you begin
to understand the Great Mystery and That which we call
'God' and 'Goddess' from a wider perspective.
And here is the crux :  each major arcana or ark of God,
is also the key to unlocking this hidden Self.

And as we know, a key can only unlock a door when
you hold it in your hand, insert it into the lock and turn it!
So what does this mean?

You have to enter the ark in order to be reborn.

Thus the journey takes us from mere knowledge, the intellectual
understanding of the 'how' to the Sophia or Wisdom of 'becoming'.

In previous posts on this blog here :
we played with your very important birth date and its corresponding cards.
So today we are venturing further into your chart.

Your year card in tarot

To discover which number and tarot card represents your
personal year, add the month and date of your birth to the current year.

For instance :

22 April  - 22+4=26
plus the current year 2017


9 of Major Arcana is traditionally The Hermit
and in the Mysteries of Mary,
Lady with the Lamp

To work out your personal year number you have to keep
the numbers to under 22 as there are only 22 Major Arcana cards.
So you keep on adding to reduce the number too 22 or less.

The archetype of your personal year will give you an indication 
of the challenges and types of experiences you will face during the year.
A personal year is from the date of your birth day to the following birthday.
By studying this archetype you can gain insight into what is expected of you
for the upcoming year.  You can see whether it will be a good year in
which to take action, or to rest and integrate for instance.
The archetype is the one in 'charge' of your personal year and it is
wise to co-operate and to go with the flow rather than to insist
on swimming upstream.

Major Arcana 9 Lady with the Lamp
Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Let us look at card 9 The Lady with the Lamp.
She is standing in a forest, surrounded by shadows and thick branches.
It brings to mind the saying 'one cannot see the forest for the trees'
which advises that it is best to take some time out and to get a new and
deeper perspective.  She is holding a burning lamp, which casts light into
this thick overgrown forest.  The forest represents the body and the mind.
When our mind is filled with many ideas and inspiration or concerns,
the forest of thoughts grow.  Thoughts impact the body in a very direct
way and you will feel its effects in exhaustion, lethargy, anxiety or a yearning
for quiet.  The lamp, amongst other things, symbolises discernment and enlightenment.
In a 9 year you will find that new undertakings dont take off and that you
may run into all kinds of obstacles when you do try to start something new.
The ark or vessel of your year has the energy of withdrawing into your inner world,
discernment, sifting through ideas and beliefs and detachment.

Here is a short list of qualities for a personal year in the Major Arcana :

1 Maria Prophetissa - active, action, new ventures, new projects, new undertakings.
- a good year to start something new

11 Maria Sophia - reflection, cooperation, partnership, unfolding, revelation
- this is the year to listen to your intuition and inner knowing

III Maria Natura - creativity, giving birth to a new project or idea or undertaking, 
fecundity, fertility, abundance
- now is the time to let your project see the light of day

IV  The Good Father - stability, stabilising influences, taking root, grounded, 
establishing foundations
- a good year to expand your current undertakings

V Hierophant of the Mysteries - the inner teacher, the voice within, enlightenment,
insights, growth, change, a new path and understanding
- a year of wisdom, pay close attention to where life guides you

VI  The Tree of Choices - cross roads, changes, the three ways, choices,
having to decide, having to make up your mind
- it may be a difficult year as we do not like change nor risk;  it is time to let go

VII Dancing Sun - balance, harmony, co-operation, divine intervention,
insight, miracles, seeing the Hand of the Divine in your life, protection
- implement your new plans as they will work out

VIII Lady and the Stag - courage, strength, innocence, Christ energies, higher
energies, power, force,
- a year in which you will be expected to come to the party and to believe in yourself

IX Lady and the Lamp - discernment, solitude, solitary, quiet time, turning inward, 
contemplation, meditation, detachment
- this is the year to go it alone;  do not start any new undertakings, leave that for next year

X Spinning Wheel - fortune, change, cycles, ups and downs, this too shall pass
- a good year to cultivate the attitude of 'this too shall pass' and to remind yourself
that nothing is forever

XI Holy Wisdom - inner knowing, gnosis, embodied living, being present to the now
- this year pay attention to everything that is happening around you and be surprised!
you are bound to learn who you are and who you can become

XII The Flowering Cross -  challenges bring transformation;  the end of a cycle,
endings and beginnings, a new perspective
- be careful not to fall into the victim trap during this year; keep a higher perspective
at all times

XIII Threshold - death, rebirth, the end of a cycle leading into a new cycle, letting go
and opening up to the new
- keep an open mind;  allow the process to complete itself;  be willing to
receive the new into your life, prepare to enter the unknown, stepping over the threshold

XIV Guardian Angel - a blessed and protected year;  a year in which you may
expect many 'good' things to come your way;  follow that dream

XV The Black Madonna -  do not be fooled by appearances; the devil's advocate;
challenges which will ultimately reward you; 
- this is a year which will call for hard work but with good results and rewards

XVI The Magdalen -  a year with unexpected news or change or challenges or
- this is a year which will be filled with the unexpected, so keep that in mind when
things do or do not go your way

XVII The Star - following your North Star;  dreams coming true;  setting sail
on a new course
- this is a beneficient year in which you should follow the call of your heart

XVIII Mary of the Gael -  subconscious, dreams, illusions, fantasies, nightmares
- this is a year in which you should pay attention to your dreams and the stories
that you tell;  they will provide great guidance and insight into where to go

XIX The Holy Child - joy, celebration, basking in the Sun, success, happiness,
personal power
-a year of great success, be it in the outer or inner world.  whatever you do this year
it will end well.

XX - Mercy of the Mother - judgement, love, empathy, forgiveness, compassion
- this is a year in which you will have access to great love and compassion and you
will gain much if you apply this to yourself first, and then to others.

XXI - Heaven on Earth - dreams come true;  a great realisation;  great joy
- this is a year in which your hard work and dedication will pay off.

XXII or 0 Mara -  end of a cycle, new beginnings, new adventures
- this is a good year to start anew or to set the past behind you

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