Monday, March 6, 2017

Mary Tarot a powerful tool to channel your intuition

Shrine of the Black Madonna Tarot Card
XV The Black Madonna
Mysteries of Mary Tarot

Playing with the tarot is a powerful way of accessing
and connecting with your intuition and imagination.
Imagination is one of our most powerful and potent
ways with which to alter and create our reality.
Every moment of every day and night you are dreaming
and thinking and musing about your life and all its
relationships.  Through these musings and worrying,
you are working the threads of life through the matrix
of dark and light.  Much like working a tapestry.

If you can imagine each thought, each reaction, each desire,
is a stitch in a tapestry called your life, you get the idea.
One can look at the crossing lines of the tapestry canvas
as the matrix of light.  Where the two lines of weave cross,
darkness and shadow forms.  And the stitch is formed
over the crossing point.

Do you see the magnitude of the symbol of the cross
and the flowering cross (as depicted in the deck?)
It is not only a christian religious symbol, but an ancient
symbol carrying great meaning for each one of us.

Only through the cross of matter can we come to
know ourselves and what we are capable of.
When we are in pain and suffering a part of us
declares 'enough!  there has to be a better  way!'
And then the journey of resurrection begins as you set out
to find the Way which is your own personal way.

We are surrounded by symbols and meaning.
Wherever we look, we see Way Showers pointing the Way.

The hurdle is our own rigid and stubborn beliefs and
quite often, the belief that our own mind has the power
to lead us out of the labyrinth.  Did your mind create the labyrinth?
If so, why does it not yield the secret of how to escape the labyrinth
to you?  Who is the one that challenges you and places
hurdles in your path? Does it make sense to rely on the
critical mind and its fear-based beliefs to liberate you from
the jail that it created?

This is the nature of the cross of matter.
There is no easy way out.  There is no quick fix or ready answer.
There are many many myths that tell different aspects of the same
story and each one of those differ.  Why?

Because you hold the key!  You have the power within yourself to
unlock your own treasures and no-one else can wield that key for you.

The tarot is a wonderful tool to access that golden sacred key within
your Soul and also for guidance on how to wield this golden key.

Some words of advice :  keep it light and playful.
Even though life is very heavy and painful at times, the ego-mind
loves to lock onto those dark and fearful thoughts.  It loves to tell you
that things are complicated and it cannot be that simple
That way it maintains its power over you and you may feel 'special'
and unique -  even though you are special and unique but for different reasons.

So put the critical mind to one side and turn on the soft light of the lunar mind.
Let's draw the first card.

Two of Vessels The Annunciation

I am Thy Handmaiden, The fiat of Mary's consent
Archangel Gabriel gives Mary the news that is the Chosen One,
the Godbearer.  Mary is to become the vessel of the Holy Sun and indeed,
so are each one of us.  You have been chosen as a vessel of
higher consciousness and to birth the Highest Human Potential in yourself.
When Mary says "I Am Thy Handmaiden' it is a great act of personal will
and courage.  To accept the challenges that life deals you is an act of
inner strength and a willingness to stay open to the learn from an experience
and to allow Life to guide you towards the unknown.  This card reflects your 
relationship with yourself, with the Divine and with your purpose
in life.
What do you need to consent to?
What is being asked of you?
What is needed from you to accept yourself more fully?

These questions are all set for you in the book.  You can take your time
and connect with the story of the card and see what other questions
come up for you.

And then with those questions in mind, let us draw the next card.

Isis Maria
Handmaiden of the Holy Rood

In Egypt the hieroglyphics of the name of the goddess Isis was depicted by
a throne.  The name Isis is the Greek name derived at from the Egyptian
name Aset (or Auset) which means throne or seat of authority.
Here we see Mary in the lineage of the Queen on the throne
with the infant Jesus on her lap  
The ego archetype sits hidden and unseen in the secret rooms of the
personality, buried and underground in the subconscious.  Until you
examine your beliefs and their unconscious origin, you will be
enslaved by judgements and their impact on all choices and
decisions you make.  Without you realising, judgement can ascend
to the throne within the cathedral of the heart, replacing the Self.
It takes surrender of the ego to the Self and to allow
Wisdom to take her rightful place on the throne.

Now you may want to ask your intuition and guidance
'where in my life am I unaware of the fact that ego has replaced
the Self on the throne of Wisdom?'

and you then draw another card.

You can continue in this way until you feel satisfied that
you have found guidance that resonates with a small part of yourself.

Or you can decide before you start to draw a certain number
of cards and then allow the story of questions and answers to unfold.

blessings on your journey of discovery!


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