Saturday, December 17, 2016

That which crowns me spread

That which crowns me layout - Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck -

This is my favourite layout.

In five swift moves you gain insight into the subconscious self.

Shuffle your deck well and take the time to choose a cloth,
and a space big enough to do the spread on.

Start off with the centre card which you put down in the middle.
This card indicates the significator.

Then follow with four cards.
One to the left, one to the right, one above and below
the significator card.
Finally, you put a card across the significator card.

'Here I Am
This is what is behind me
This is what is ahead of me
This is what crowns me
This is what grounds me
This is what crosses me
Here I Am'

The sequence in which you turn the cards over, does not matter.

The center card is the question or the situation as it is.
It can also indicate the person or the relationship.
This card indicates you, and the situation in which you find yourself,
'here I am'.

The card to the left is 'that which is behind me'.
This refers to the past, to that which has been and that which
has led to the situation as it currently is.

The card to the right is 'that which is ahead of me'.
This indicates the future, or that which is to follow.

The card above the center card is
'that which Crowns me' and is the most important card
in the layout.  This shows you the view point from Spirit
or Source or your Higher Self or from Mary herself.
This is the energy that flows in through your crown chakra
and this is the highest guidance coming to you, supporting
you and steering you.

 The bottom card is 'that which grounds me'.
You can look at this card as the way you are walking in your life,
as the way that you are dealing with the situation and how
you are experiencing the situation in your ordinary life.

Finally, the card that lies across the significator
is 'that which crosses me'.
This card indicates the challenges and obstacles that you
are facing.  It may refer to a situation, an attitude,
a belief system or a fear.

It is of course important to put the entire reading
into the context that you are referring to.


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